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hosted Nose Work Trial along with  Nose Work Detectives in Grants Pass for the last 4 years where dogs come from all over the country to test their search skill against other search team.  In his spare time, Brian and his dogs can be found hunting truffles in the forest . In 2019 Brian's dog Bella at the age of 13 accomplished her Elite Champions status in NACSW. Brian currently lives in Grants Pass Oregon with his three dogs, two of which were rescued off the streets plus his young border collie boy who came from a breeder in Williams, Oregon. All of Brian's dogs are trained at different levels of scent work as well as livestock herding.

About Brian
K9 Nose Work Trial - Dharma and Brian

Dharma & Brian 

Reedsport OR 2016

Pronounced NW3 Title

1st Place Overall

1st Place Interior Search

2nd Place Vehicle Search

Dog training has been one of Brian's passions for more then 30 years and his wide range of dog training services incorporate as much positive reinforcement as possible. While living in Southern California, Brian trained with Southwest Search Dogs and trained his own dogs to track as well as worked with Better By The Pound, a rescue that focuses on rehabilitating canines with behavioral issues. He also volunteered at Paws of Coronado, a no kill shelter where he worked to help reverse negative patterns in shelter dogs so they would be well-mannered and adoptable.

Since 2010, Brian's  main focus has been on canine nose work. He has been traveling the western states to compete with his canine team and has logged a number of titles in K9 Nose Work events.  Brian  also has



2006 - 2020

RIP my sweet girl

Bella has stellar day in Sierra Nevada's

K9 Nose Work Nevada City CA 2016

  • 3rd Place Overall

  • 1st Place Exterior Search

  • NW3 Title

Dog Training - Herding

Herding Competition Murrieta CA 2011

  • 1st Place Geese Trial

  • High in Trial

Elite NACSW Nose Work Champion 2019

Helping You Help Your Pet

Living in harmony with your dogs starts with you, your dogs can only offer what you teach them.

Agility Dog Training
Bath time for Brian's dogs
Dog Training - Herding
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