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Callie was a street dog out of Mexico when she came into our shelter. She went through quite a bit of training and a few homes before Brian realized he needed to bring her into his pack so he could focus on reversing her behavioral issues. Callie has come a long way and we are thankful for Brian's work with her.

Staff at Coronado Animal Shelter

Dog Obedience Training

Brian was instrumental in helping us get and train a puppies. Brandy was with us for 12 yrs  and now I have Molly who is 1 who Brian has also trained.  My husband always said Brandy was the smartest most well behaved but now Molly has up the game,she truly is the best behaved dog ever.

C.M. Denver Colorado

Services: Service
Dog Training - Good Citizen Certification

I'm a animal therapist at a local vets office in San Diego. I have been referring my clients to Brian for years to help with their behavioral issues. He brings a very gentle approach to helping the change of unwanted patterns. Love his work..

A.M. San Diego CA

One of the founders of our organization ran into Brian training a dog and asked if he could work with a pit bull that was in our shelter. Brian came in and within a few months we were able to re-home the girl and over the years Brian has helped us train and re-home our aggressive dogs.

K.D. Paws of Coronado

I’ve worked with Brian to train three of my Golden Retrievers. He’s helped me with gaining control over a very headstrong young pup, and helped me train for and pass the Canine Good Citizen test and Pet Therapy control evaluations for two others. Brian has a calmness about him that the dogs respond to and his gentle, positive reinforcement techniques work wonders! I highly recommend him for any training and behavioral issues your dog may need help with.

S.S. Love On A Leash

Therapy Dog Training
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